One journey, many once in a lifetime experiences, all captured in an environment of well-being

Let us be your guide

We are just one call away, there for you at any time, and ready to answer all your questions: Where to go, what to see, where to swim, how to go, where to eat, where to have fun. Endless proposals in this magnificent place where we were born and live.

Tranquility & Privacy

Wake up after a good night’s sleep and open wide the windows to your private garden. Dive in your exclusive blue pool which was designed only for you. Enjoy a delicious, traditional breakfast in a basket. Good morning! You are in Mykonos…

Breakfast Basket

Breakfast is served daily in your suite in a basket. Enjoy local eggs, milk, yogurt,
fresh seasonal fruits, homemade sandwiches, marmalade, fresh squeezed orange juices and a sweet delight.

Whatever your preferences, the Breakfast Basket experience at Klidon Suites is bound to be an unforgettable one.

Mykonos at your disposal

Dozens of choices unfold before your eyes for you to select the one that best matches your mood and your desires. Mykonos has many options for everything. And we know them all. Please feel free to ask us. We are here to help you experience Mykonos at its best.

Something new everyday

Whatever you can think of can be offered at Mykonos in a highly professional way. Rides with the bicycle to the Chora (the island’s main town), the beaches, and the sea. Endless dives, scuba diving, and free-diving. Water sports, fishing, horse riding… activities and pleasures. Among them is also the island of Delos, a unique historical treasure. Please feel free to ask us.