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“ΚLΙΔΟΝ” and the story behind it…

KLIDON is a custom dating from the centuries-old Greek tradition. It is the combination of random and incoherent words spoken during divination that reveal to unmarried girls the identity of their future mate .

In Mykonos, according to the custom, unmarried girls gather at a house and one of them is responsible to bring from the well the “water of silence”. She returns “silent” with a full container and the girls throw into it a personal object called the “rizikari”. The container is covered and left in the open air, to be “seen” by the stars! The girls go to sleep and will dream the one that they will marry.

One the same day, bonfires are lit in the main squares of the villages and residents jump over them, to exorcize the evil spirit…

The Suites

Generous spaces, upgraded interior decoration, invitingly comfortable beds and seats, harmonious colors, carefully chosen lighting, small objects selected with a touch of personal taste, huge openings to the magnificent outdoor setting. The well-kept secrets of ΚLΙΔΟΝ take you to a dream world, beyond anything you had ever imagined. Cozy, carefree, bright…

The Location

With the West to its left, the color blue of the Aegean Sea before it, and the Chora of Mykonos at its feet, ΚLΙΔΟΝ is in perfect harmony with its natural habitat, located at the best part of the most beautiful island of the Cyclades. This is where the journey begins. This is where you will wish to come back, again and again…

The Water

Luxurious hydromassage with direction and pressure of water options, allows your body to indulge in unusual pleasure, while your look is captivated by the infinite blue that stretches before you. The word hospitality is perfectly described in this ideal setting of serenity that lays in front of your suite.

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